A Story To Tell

A Story To Tell
(Music: Markus Husi/ Words: Patrick Stoll)

They travelled to the same place
From different corners of the world
They didn’t know of one another
He never thought he’d meet that girl
She wasn’t looking for a lover, she had other things in mind

Somehow their ways would lead together
Call it coincidence or fate
The timing seemed just perfect
Neither too early nor too late
They didn’t worry ‘bout the future, enjoyed each other day by day

Now all that is left of it is
A story to tell
Each went back with a different version of
A story to tell

Now people say they could have told them
It was too good to be true
This love was bound to end like this
The constellation wasn’t new
But what they don’t know is the sweetness
That was shared between the two

Now all that is left of it is
A story to tell
The memories of a special time and
A story to tell

And looking back they wonder
Was there no way to save this love?
To keep this love from going under and let it stay alive

While he believed they were victims of circumstances too tough
She felt there had to be a way out
If only they tried hard enough
If all good things must come to an end
Then so must the bad things, too

Copyright © Patrick Stoll